Enterprise Mobility Solution

Enterprise Mobility Solution enables business works occurs away from a centralized location or main office. Employee may use mobile device, handheld scanner, web sites to work from home, from vacation or on the road. Enterprise Mobility solution provides seamless integration between mobile employee, corporate data and business process being managed in Microsoft Dynamics NAV ERP software.
Enterprise Mobility Solution

Dynamics Mobile Application

  Warehouse Inventory & Transfer House  

Warehouse Inventory & Transfer House

  You can use handheld device to scan and update material/ inventory transfer between warehouse houses.  
  Production Order App  

Order App

  You can use handheld device to input material usage.
  Purchase Order Receiving App  

Purchase Order
Receiving App

  You can use handheld device to update Purchase Order material receive quantity through mobile Apps.  
  Driver Delivery App  

Delivery App 

  You can keep track delivery status in real time and allow driver to update status by using tablet/ mobile device.  
  Sales App  


  You can use handheld device to automate different process like inventory profiling, taking orders, sales order.